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Hi guys, new member here hailing from Las Vegas.

My Walther history: I fell in love with the PPQ M2 when I was initially looking for a subcompact and trying out a bunch of guns at a range that offered unlimited gun swaps within one caliber. After muddling through four subcompacts with horribad triggers, I shot 5 rounds at 5 yards with the PPQ and could cover the group with a quarter; after that I knew I had to have one!

Since then I've bought a PPQ Navy (hence sold since I never did get a can), a PPQ SC (my summer carry), two PPS M2s (didn't like the trigger on the first one so I sold it, bought another on sale then decided to sell it again for the same reason), and a Q5 Match Poly that I bought used for a song (my current favorite). I'm eyeing the Q5 SF but I'd ideally want some trigger time before slapping down that kind of cash.

Having a business that uses 3d printed parts, I've also 3d printed a few magazine extensions/floorplates (TF magwell compatible) and pinky extensions for my PPQs, along with an adapter base plate to use 18rd Canik mags with the PPQ. Not sure if I'm going to sell those commercially but if I do I'll be sure to become a forum supporter.

Thanks for reading and hope to become active on this forum!

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