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I've been reading threads on this forum for a couple of months now since I was given a really nice PPQ M2 from my father in law along with a few other guns as he is unfortunately dying of stage four pancreatic cancer. The one positive out of it is that my renewed interest in shooting is making him very happy.

I grew up in West Texas and shot both a .22 pistol and rifle as a kid but didn't shoot much while in college. I shot from time to time when I moved to Austin back in 1990 and while visiting friends in College Station. My father in law was the president of trap and skeet shooting club for quite a few years and I did go out and do that but it wasn't until he gave me an S&W M&P .40 a couple of years ago that I really started going to the range to get comfortable with a gun again. After talking to him about getting a nice 9mm, he gave me this wonderful PPQ M2 and I ended up getting a membership at a new indoor range here in Austin because I had such a great time shooting it.

I am now looking to get my LTC and want a smaller gun to carry so I demo'd a Sig P365 and Glock 43 at the range last weekend, and while I knew there would be a difference due to the size, it was a bit more than I expected. I didn't care for the Glock and the Sig was pretty nice, but since I really love my PPQ, I want to try the PPQ SQ and the PPS M2.

I am really used to the trigger on my PPQ so my guess is that I will like the PPQ SC the best but I do want to try the PPS M2 as well as a few other sub compacts to figure out what I really like before I make a purchase. As far as my current PPQ goes, I do want to try some night sights and maybe a red dot, so I have been reading through the forum about those topics as the white dots are the only thing I don't like about it. I still shoot pretty well with the stock sights but after using some guns with both of the other types of sights, I want to try them on the PPQ.

And just for fun, I am ordering an Extar EP9 soon. I stumbled across it not too long ago and every video and review said it was just so much fun to shoot and is actually a pretty nice gun for the money, so after getting to plink around with one, I decided I had to have it.

Thanks for all of the great info around here and I look forward to reading more and contributing.
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