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Hey everyone, great forum! Good to see that there are other people that also appreciate the p99.

I bought a 9mm version in 2003. Also 6Mec-Gar 16 round magazines, and Earls 2nd generation night sights. Then I put 1000 rounds of various ammo with no cleaning to test it out. Not a single problem. And very accurate after sighting it in, although I am not that good with handguns.
I witnessed my friend shoot groups with his 9mm p99 I didn't think possible.

I think that the p99 is the best polymer frame semiauto pistol ever! And I am going to buy another one. I haven't decided on which one to buy yet. I haven't fired the 40 cal version. But I am leaning toward the newer frame 9mm AS.

I saw the nicest gun holster ever, at a local gunshop here near Seattle, Wa. This weekend. And had to have one. Turns out they are made nearby. From A company I hadn't heard of before.
So I Just ordered one. From Kramer gun leather, called a horsehide belt scabbord.

Blade Tech is also nearby. And I had them build a custom Kydex thigh rig I designed. I ended up not liking my design though, but the holster is very nice, and I keep customizing it. Never know till you try I guess. But there custom stuff is way nicer than their production products.

I also ordered a 1.5" horsehide belt from The Beltman. Even though I don't like belts, it looks like the best way to carry for me.

I will take some pictures to post when everything comes together.
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