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Great shooting event last night

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For our Bullseye league we did something a little different last night and was tons of fun!

Each shooter had 5 targets to engage. Two a 15 ft, one at 25, one at 50 and one at 75.

The first target starts to move backwards at the buzzer.

Targets were added up and then divided by seconds....5 rounds on each target.

I fired three courses: Q5; 22/45 Light, and a Ruger PC9

Very, very fun.
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I'm too stupid to visualize it.

Was this indoors, outdoors? Were the targets all fired together? Was the mover pulled by a dog?

Reactive targets are fun as well. When the army taught me to shoot an M16 back in the dim mists of time, the manshaped silhouettes fell over when you hit them; positive reinforcement in real time.
We sometimes finish up with our Junior Program kids with a wiffle ball dangled on a string at 50'.
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