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Since I had to order some emergency duty gear and have it shipped overnight I decided to round out the order from my supplier.
One of the items I decided to try was the above mentioned belt. I have been very leary of getting a belt sight unseen as I had no real idea what to expect.

On some of the various "Police" boards folks have been raving about the $30.00 Aker belt and I figured the G&G was probably about the same and it cost me almost 1/3 less.

Actually not all that bad for the price. Probably worth around $30.00-$45.00 over the counter, depending on retail shop or mail order.
Nice decent peice of leather that has burnished edges, the front is slightly tapered for a dressier look. Chicago screws hold the brass buckle in place (I prefer chrome).The outer layer is a nice leather and the inner layer is synthetic so there is no chance of color bleed. Stitching is nice and even around the edges but is not a contrasting color as these belts are supposed to be more dress than sport and are marketed towards plain clothes and off duty cops.

The belt is constructed with a Polymer stiffener between the outer layer and the lining layer. This makes the belt very stiff laterally it will not roll at all. I am currently carrying a full size 1911 using this belt and it is comfortable.

This is by no means a custom belt but it is a very decent belt for everyday use that you can beat and not worry that you scratched an expensive custom made belt.
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