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Got my P99c grip adapter and 12-round mag today

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Makes for a "nasty" looking weapon. I intend to use the 12-round w/the grip adapter as a spare mag only as it does defeat the purpose of buying a compact, highly concealable handgun but I sure like the feel to it. :)

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hey i like that slip on grip you have... what brand is that?

yeh i have the grip adaptors for my compact, its an absolute MUST
Dave, it's a Walther. What else?! :)
Oh, the slip on grip, sorry. It's been a long day. That my friend is a Lone Wolf (small). You can order online from Lone Wolf. Fits great. Nice and snug.
Kev, you don't conceal carry the gun with it installed right? It's the grip that "prints" if too long not the frame. And that's a mighty big grip. I intend to use my extender mag as a spare if (and I sure hope it never happens) the inserted mag is not enough.
No, When i carry concealed i use the .40 8 round mag with pinky grip. I also carry a second mag for back- up. I have tried to carry with the extension but its just too obvious. Its harder to conceal
That's my take as well.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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