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Smith and Wesson is a great American company that sells great products and they will do what they need to do to keep the customers satisfied with their products. That being said, I have received some good service and some bad service from them. Case in point, I called them the other day inquiring about a new PPK in .32 ACP and the G22 rifle with the grey receiver/stock. The first guy I spoke with replied, "We may never get around to making the .32, they should have never advertised it." On the G22, he said, "Walther doesn't manufacture a grey frame..." Uh, hello, I'm looking at it on GunBroker, they offer a P22 with the grey frame, where'd this guy get his training? I said, "OK thanks!" Click! I called back and got another guy who was much more helpful and told me to expect the .32 this summer and told me that RSR had an exclusive on the grey frame G22. It's all about who you deal with there.
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