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Gorgeous All Original 1938 WW2 War Model Blued Walther PPK .32 acp w/ original holste

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I just picked this up at an estate sale serial number of 177XXX seems to date right around 1938 1939 chambered in 32acp / 7.65 mm. The rails are still sharp enough to cut your fingers on. There is very little diaper rash, not reblued, original grips and original holster with soldiers/officers/spys? name stamped inside it. Not my first PPK by any means but by far the oldest. I would love to hear the opinions of the Oracle that is the Walther forum about what you guys think, if it was a good buy, and any information anybody can give me on it as the others I have owned have been post 1968 models. I have not shot it yet but rounds load smoothly and the slide action is like butter. Sharp rifling no pitting anywhee


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Nice pickup. Thanks for the pics and welcome from South Carolina.
Welcome from Deutschland.
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