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If the weather holds up I'll hit the range tomorrow (Friday 1/18). Gonna take out the S&W PPK in .32 auto and the Colt Combat Commander XSE in .45ACP. I have the new Hogue grips on the PPK and will be shooting a box of of 50 Winchester Silvertips in it. Most likely I will have wool gloves on, so I will see about any "shifting" of the pistol with the uncheckered Hogue grips. I doubt very much that will be an issue, though. My PPK fired the Winchester white box FMJ ammo without a hiccup, so I am hoping the same will happen with the Silvertips. For lube I will be using Ballistol on the internal mechanism and RIG +P grease in very small amounts on the slide rails.

The Colt Commander has been tested with Fiochhi FMJ ammo (absolute FILTH), and this session it will be using the Winchester white box stuff. Last session I noticed considerable felt recoil with the pistol. The last Commander I had I installed a more powerful Wilson 20 pound recoil spring and recoil was as mild as a 9MM. So I ordered and installed another Wilson 20# spring in this one. I will also be re-installing the factory full length guide rod. Since this pistol will most likely NOT be used for CCW, the full length guide rod goes back in. Same lube for the PPK goes on the Colt.


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