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I haven't noticed any difference. I doubt they have a different line for buckets vs boxed. I shot an entire bucket at one sitting not long ago and every round fired although a couple of times the chamber was getting a bit dirty and almost causing a stoppage. I did not stop to clean the chamber and fired the last 50 as fast as I could. When the chamber gets dirty a round might not fully seat and unless it is fully seated the round "gives" as the firing pin hits it. The round will usually fire on the second strike. I had a few of those but it wasn't an ammo problem, it was a dirty chamber problem. Sometimes as I shoot the chamber begins to get dirty and then gets cleaner as I go along. You would not think the RGB's are as good as CCI and I don't think they are. I don't like the loose fitment of the lead at the case, seems moisture would get in there.....but, one thing the RGB's do is pop out of the short barrel pistol creating what feel to me like the exact same amount of blowback energy CCI Mini Mags create. This is essential for proper cycling of the slide.

I've cleaned a P22, loaded and fired up to 3,000 rounds without any stoppage on the pistol's part several times. No cleaning or lubing allowed and no stoppage that can be attributed to the mag or pistols. Dud rounds don't count against the pistol. In some of the 535 RGB boxes I might run into 1 to 4 duds. Or none.

If someone offered me 100,000 free RGB or Mini Mags......Mini Mags all the way. They are cleaner. My two cents....I've shot a lot of both through P22s. 1917

Photo of such a sit down and firing 3,000 rounds...this one was with a 5" pistol and Federal. They ran fine this time...but some old boxes where the wax was non existent, dried out or hardened, might lead up the barrel and cause keyholing. Plated rounds resist this much better. I have had the thought that Mini Mags would run 5,000 or 10,000 rounds without a pistol caused stoppage. And no cleaning or lubing. I used dry, powdered moly and no oil.

Holy Crap! Get a broom man!!!! ha ha
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