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Can I tell the manufactured date for my Walther PPQ M2 9mm 4" from the serial number FCL 9649?

this is my first Walther, so probably will have questions...can't wait to try out that trigger?

Oh, one other question now....can I shoot it right out of the box, or should I field strip, clean and lube first. Is to arrive Tuesday.

Many thanks, Joe
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Welcome Aboard. Walther has a dating system that includes the Two-Letter Group that is on the slide and barrel of your pistol
A = 0
B = 1
C = 2
D = 3
E = 4
F = 5
G = 6
H/I = 7
J = 8
K = 9

So my P99 with a "BF" date was made in 2015.

I always field strip and clean a weapon first. No way to know how long its been in disuse and making sure you are not firing a dry pistol is a good way to ensure you take good care of your weapon.
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Hello Katie Joe....makes me think of Betty Jo on Petticoat Junction. :D

Congrats on picking up a PPQ.......awesome pistols. Yes, the trigger is sweet....fairly long takeup to the wall then a nice clean break and very short and audible reset. Most people like to field strip a new pistol, do a light clean and lube. Be careful, as too much cleaning and NOT applying lube in all the right places can result in a dry and maybe a gritty trigger. Lube the krap out of it.:D Then shoot the krap out of it.:D

As for sights (mentioned in your other post). Yep, the sights are plastic. But, they do work. No real need to change unless you want 'night sights' or maybe just a set of steel sights or or or... As for sight options, there's actually a lot now.....not so much 5 or 6 years ago when the PPQ was first released. My newest favorite is 'Speedsights'. Read about them here http://www.waltherforums.com/forum/...ppq-has-impressed-me-speed-fine-accuracy.html
Welcome from the Mountains.
Welcome!! Walther pistols are like giant mugs of beer at Oktoberfest.... You cannot stop at just one!! I currently own a P-38 (AC-42) and a CREED pistol. PPQ might be my next purchase.
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