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I corresponded with Dynamit Nobel, and received this answer.
(I have replaced the European decimals
with commas that we in the states use)

"the max pressure Geco 9mm is determined by the
CIP-Regulations: 2,350 bar.

Nr. 212 5870, Geco FMJ, 124 gr., Vo of 360m/s
(1,181fps) from 125mm test barrel, energey Eo 518
is loaded to 2,100 up to 2,200 bar; piezo-quartz
measurement, position of measurement hole: 12mm from
head of case (internal case pressure measurement,
barrel length 125mm). "

So, according to the manufacturer, this particular
Geco 9mm cartridge is loaded within SAAMI std pressure
limits (max 35,000psi).
My conversions:
2100 bar = 30,458 psi
2200 bar = 31,908 psi
2350 bar = 34,084 psi
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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