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Hello, PPQ'ers - Through a windfall I just obtained a Glock 34 pistol specifically for use at IDPA matches. This means that I can leave my beloved PPQ at home for full-time home protection, the original reason for purchasing it. This, in turn, leaves me with little need for the terrific competition holster/mag carrier set up I purchased earlier this year from Garrett Industries.

The Silent Thunder holster is the kydex one you've heard about with the leather lining. It draws and re-holsters like butter:


It is a state-of-the-art competition holster with fully adjustable retention designed specifically for IDPA. It has the belt slide mounting and has been used only for indoor dry-fire practice. As such it has a few minor scuff marks on the very edges of the leather lining where the pistol enters and exits the holster. These are the kind of marks you'd get the first half-dozen draws, just as I did. Other than that the holster is in like-new condition.

The magazine carrier is the K2 double mag carrier with a belt slide (never used):


The holster sells new for $110 and the mag carrier for $55, totalling $165. I also have a handful of various screws and fittings. I am willing to sell it all for $125 plus shipping (US addresses). And you don't have to wait 6 weeks like I did! Message me for questions.

Thanks, Michelle
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