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(glock 26 shown in the 226, not the weapon or color im reviewing here)

im preparing to take a trip later this month and as usual i plan to travel with my glock 19. i prefer to travel with the g19 for several different reasons:

- ultimately reliable, the dang thing just wont quit!
- perfect size for carry.
- im very fast and accurate with it.
- if it were to disappear from my checked baggage im only out $450.
- 9mm ammo can be found anywhere, no matter where i travel.

the only downside to the g19 is how thick the slide is, making it uncomfortable for IWB carry. this usually leaves me carrying in an OWB paddle which can be somewhat challenging to effectively conceal. while browsing around for a holster for another weapon, i noticed that galco makes an SOB holster for the glock 19, and since i had $75 burning a hole in my pocket i decided to give it a shot.

note: i am not an advocate of SOB carry. i myself have slipped on ice while carrying SOB and felt the sting of a handgun being driven into my spine. ouch! that said however, carry is about compromise. you most always compromise something. some compromise capacity and caliber for concealability. some compromise quality for price. we all compromise ultimate protection (a carbine) for concealability (a handgun). this is no different, being aware of the risks it is worth the benefits for the purposes of this trip (and most likely others). with that said, i placed the order for a galco #SOB226B to fit my glock 19.

what i like:
- overall the holster appears to be very well constructed, actually feeling similar to some customs i own. the leather feels much better than the two galco SSS (which ill never buy again due to poor design causing very prominent premature wear points!) i own. im quite impressed with the attention to detail that appears to be put into this off the shelf holster.

- as the pictures above show, it really isnt difficult to conceal this setup. bending over caused printing/showing, but kneeling and squatting did not.

- comfort while walking or standing is excellent. you dont even know its back there.

- retention is adjustable to your liking. i found mine perfect right from the package.

what i dont like:
- sitting isnt comfortable. it isnt unbearable, but you know you have a weapon back there.

- draw angle is unnatural for me. im sure this will correct itself in time, but it was one of my first impressions so it is worth noting.

- it takes a little bit longer to draw from SOB than IWB, but this is most likely due to my unfamiliarity with the draw angle.

overall: this is heck of a value overall. although i will not recommend SOB carry to anyone due to moral liability concerns (if you do fall on it and hurt your spine i dont want to know you bought it on my recommendation) i feel that for what i wanted this holster is as beautiful as it is functional. it may not be quite on the level of an alessi/sparks/del fatti/etc.) but it really doesnt miss the mark as much as most off-the-shelf holsters do (even other galcos i own), and i had it in my hand within 3 days of ordering it. although i have not compared it to any custom SOB holster, i can compare the overall quality of the build to the overall quality of the build of the customs i own. whereas the cqc/s or the vm2 would rank as perfect "10's" in my opinion, this holster overall would rank an 8.5-9. if like me you know the risks of SOB carry and feel it will meet your needs despite those risks, this is the one to buy.

i sincerely hope that galco eventually makes this holster for the new walther PPS.
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