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G22 any info ???

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I was wondering if any of you had a G22 or know somebody who has one?
I want to buy one for my daughter since I can get one cheap and it's capable of converting to lefthand use !! Well seams to be the best thing I can do... my daughter and I are both right handed left eye dominant so I thought it be easiest for her being 7 years old to get her started on left hand rifle shooting........
any input on the rifle at all .....anny isssues or problem areas

Thanks in advance
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Did you get the laser sight too? Was wondering if it's any good. Or the sling?
I have the sling but no laser. The sling is a big help.
Okay, do ya shoot with the sling on? Or do you take it off before you shoot? I'm just about to order it.
I have no laser neither.... the sling is not on anymore....
I shoot with the sling on the front swivel only. You can actually use any sling, but you have to get the Walther swivels, they just screw in.
I put the cheap laser sight and red dot scope ($20.00 from CDNN) on my new G22. Just shot it for the first time this weekend. I love the laser, but don't care for the cheap red dot. It's the first gun I've ever shot with a laser, and man what a blast!
Well the main reason I'm getting the laser isn't for myself, but so my left-handed buddies can shoot my right handed rifle. I plan on primarily using the red dot sight. How far do you have it zeroed out? 7 yards? 25 yards?
Okay I got a way for the laser and red dot sight to co-exist effectively.

The laser is zeroed at 7 yards, and the red dot is zerod at 25 yards.

It seems that if I try to zero the red dot at 7 yard, it hits too high on 25 yards.
Who zeroes a rifle laser sight at 7 yds? Walther?
You can do it yourself at a range, can't you?
41 - 50 of 50 Posts
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