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G22 any info ???

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I was wondering if any of you had a G22 or know somebody who has one?
I want to buy one for my daughter since I can get one cheap and it's capable of converting to lefthand use !! Well seams to be the best thing I can do... my daughter and I are both right handed left eye dominant so I thought it be easiest for her being 7 years old to get her started on left hand rifle shooting........
any input on the rifle at all .....anny isssues or problem areas

Thanks in advance
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I found the pic on another forum.. either Glocktalk or AR15 .. both have a Walther Forum... it belongs to somebody who has also a P22 I belive.. I can't remeber now,,, I was over there and saw the pic and thought damn just as I wrote a post about the Walther sling... and then there was a pic of it

I found a place in Germany that has already threaded barrel's  on 20 and the other 25 iches.. but currently not for import..
so I think you will have to take it off and send it to that place where jgilbertson send his
Been kinda busy and haven't had time to check this board till now.

If I recall, the barrel threading was around $150. I don't recall off the top of my head the exact cost. I do recall it was the first one he had done. Not sure if he's done others since then.

Also, someone once posted here a while back that there is a threaded barrel option for the G22 in Europe. Not sure if they'll ever bring it here, but it couldn't hurt to call S&W and ask.

yes there is a threaded one in Germany... there is 2 as a matter of fact
one is 20 inches long the other is 25 inches long
I ordered my daughters G22 today along with some extra mags for the G22 and my P99c

now it's just a long wait I guess
Well I got My G22 in the other day.
Beautiful Rifle, Gray looked even nicer in person than I thought it would. I got the kit they had that came with the BEC red dot and the laser.
The laser doesn't work in the daylight for more than about 10 feet so that was a loser.
The red dot is really cool and will work really good once I get it sighted in.

We had what we call at work an A.T.F. day at one of the guys houses. There were about 14 of us there each with a ton of other guns. Everything from old M1 carbines to Old chinese sniper rifles and everything in between. The queen of the ball though was my little G22. Everyone was pretty smitten with it.

I really liked it. It was tons of fun to fire. Very accurate with the open sights that come on it. I took the red dot off because too much going on to really sit on a bench and sight in that red dot. Anyway took it off and had a blast. A few failure to fires but I think maybe that was because I have heard here and other sites that the gun really doesn't like the remmington hollow point that you get at walmart. However that's all anyone around here carries in the value pack o ammunition. I think we put about 200 rounds in it and had about 4 misfires. All due to improper feeding. But just rack it and get back to rockin.

I thought the only guy there that was left handed had been warned but another dude wanted to try it and I wasn't watching him line up his shot. Luckily he wondered "huh, why is this thing right next to my mouth". Whew that dude almost lost some teeth. Anyway pretty happy overall. Comes in a really nice hard case from walther and I'm waiting on my softcase now. Will try some different ammo and some more trips to the range and see what more I have to report later.

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Mine should be here within the next few days.....
I did order the Walther red dot sight from S&W and the sling...
I did not get the laser and Dot sight from CDNN though....but ordered 3 extra mags for the G22 and my P99c each
So it does come wiht a hard case already ??
That's cool

Well I can't wait.. the trip to pick up the G22 will also include a copy of my dealers FFL so I can have my P5 shipped to me.... god lord so many new toys for the family....
Have you seen that new Beretta Cx4Storm, that I think will be my next one.. or the H&K P2000SK 9mm I put on hold for the P5....
anyhow I post when I get them
It looooks soo sweet... and the case it comes in isn't of bad quality neither.....
Reading up first, I need to find out how to change the setup to left hand use before I can do anything with it
then I need a day at the range..... wow it is another datecoded AE Walther
If you like the G22, the Cx4 is a whole new level of fun.


Then you might as well get the matching pistol. If you get the right part numbers the magazines will interchange between the carbine and the pistol too....


When you get the "Storm" bug, come on over to www.berettaforum.net and you will find lots of company.
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Well I seen some packages of the Cx4storm in 9mm or .40S&W that will take the new Px4 mags.......
the gunstore I will buy it had a .45 and .40 in ..
the .40 didn't take the Px4 mags though..... anyhow I will need to get some more cash first.... I spent like 2K on guns in recent 2 months.... so I need to slow down a lil bit....

but thanks mambro I will be checking in there soon I think.....
No problem. Let me know if/when you are up for it. I've done the Storm drill and can save you a lot of leg work getting part numbers, prices, etc.
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Ummmmm I had a blast at the range today.....
I had changed my setup to left hand yesterday... and took her out..... Used some CCI minimags (spelling) and it worked fine.... however that damn hex-screw on the bottom of the butt is a pain.. kinda need to be careful not to overtighten it....
also I noticed that my extractor is hitting the barrel.... So tomorrow I will take it appart again... clean it .. and see what I cand do about the extractor hitting the barrel... other than that... I few failers to feed properly... but no big deal... it was a cheap plinker.. and once I get the lil bugs worked out it will be rocking my daughters world....
As said so many times before..... It is a rifle that draws attention,,,, I had some other guy "beg" me to let him shoot it.... though he was righthanded.... so I told him left shoulder or you will loose your teeth,,, after 20 rounds he was sold..

Sooo overall... worth $300 bucks out the door
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Ohhhhh one questions though.....
for what the rifle is worth..... and me being a first time rifle shooter.... at like 35 feet what would be a good group for open sight shooting
Standing without any support are 2 inch groups ok
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I have a green one and my 8 year old daughter loves to shoot with it. I tarted it up a bit with a vertical handle, Zeiss Z-Point sight, and suppressor (good to live in PA).

She loves hitting clay birds with it between 25-50 meters.

BTW, if you are somewhat comfortable with firearms, you can change it from right to left handed yourself. If you're not paying extra for it, then by all means get one already set up for left-handed mode, but I wouldn't pay extra for it when you can do it yourself.

It shoots very well with no issues. Just watch what ammo you feed it. I've found most ammo to work perfectly, but some ammo with a rounded, rather than pointed, bullet ogive can get caught up on the feed ramp from time to time. I find the Federal Target to work perfectly and be very accurate.

Any other questions, let me know.


NICE! Too bad I live in California where Suppressors aren't allowed for civilians :(

But I like the forward handgrip. What model is it and how hard was it to put on?

And what sights do you ouse? Red dot?

I just bought my G22.
I got a red dot sight for mine, will sight it tomorrow. One complaint...I really dont like the sights. the rear is too hard to figure. You naturally line up at the horizontal, but mine shoots too low, I had to align it with the top of the horns. And the front is too large, it blocks out the bullseye.
I find the biggest problem to be the front sight... it is all black.. there is no white dot on it...
Are you guys talking about the ironsights? Or a red-dot scope added on?
The iron sight ( plastic in this case!) . I added a red dot sight. I'll let you know how it goes, I still have to sight it in. But if it works you might consider it, it would solve a lot or problems for us lefties ( left eyes too!) having to shoot right handed.
I too was talking about the stock sights on the G22....
I have posted pics of my G22 setup before... though the red-dot is never on the G22 since my daughter shoots it too and she will learn how to use iron (plastic/iron in this case) sights.
My next item for the G22 is a bipod just to make it easier on my daughter to hold the rifle steady ...
Nice! What handgrip are you using? Does it work well?
Yes it works great....
I got the grip from my FFL.. no idea who made it... I did have to sand the grip down though (used a beld sander) since it did not fit on the weaver rail... I think it was for a standard 1913 rail......
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