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G22 any info ???

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I was wondering if any of you had a G22 or know somebody who has one?
I want to buy one for my daughter since I can get one cheap and it's capable of converting to lefthand use !! Well seams to be the best thing I can do... my daughter and I are both right handed left eye dominant so I thought it be easiest for her being 7 years old to get her started on left hand rifle shooting........
any input on the rifle at all .....anny isssues or problem areas

Thanks in advance
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I'm looking very hard at one. CDNN has them for $279 in Grey. Currently you get a coupon for a free softcase from Walther and you can get a red dot/laser combo for $20. $350 out the door total with Tax (only bad thing I've found about being a Texan, gotta pay tax from CDNN).

Wondering if anyone has heard what/why CDNN has Grey ones. Is this going to do anything for value later on down the road? Are these just some wierd ones cuz the dye lot ran low at Walther and CDNN bought them all? ANy info please would be great.

I'm also seeing mixed reviews on this rifle but I'm in love with my P99c so I'm a new Walther COnvert and like the idea of this fun little rifle. I know it costs a bit more than a normal .22 rifle but are these things going to continue to hold their value or am I just paying extra for a Walther?

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Yeah it looks like the best bet is CDNN unless you just hate gray. I'm not sure how I feel about Gray. But the price is just too hard to beat. I went to one of the local shops today that is more likely to work on the price.

They had black for 400 bones. I told them about the CDNN deal with laser/sight etc and out the door with transfer fee for $350. Hoping he could come down some I was willing to pay a bit extra to be able to buy local because I like to do that sort of thing. Even the guy at the store said to buy it from CDNN. I guess when they got something they just cant be beat.

(think i'm gonna order that this week)
Ditto that on the supressor info. Not sure about Texas law either but if PA can have it surely the great state of Texas would let a law abiding citizen such as myself have such a cool toy.

Well I ordered the G22 today from CDNN. Got the package with the Reddot sight and laser. Hopefully in my hot little hands by Wednesday.

Anybody have any experience with the free bag from Walther or already have one that they purchased?
1. How long does it take bag to arrive from walther (smith)?
2. How cool/versitile is that soft bag?

Waiting.................ready to shoot.......... Kinda overkill for a 22 rifle for fun, kinda expensive but I'm almost looking foward to this one as much as I was my P99c

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Okay 2 things.

1 anyone have any experience with the BEC 30mm Red dot CDNN has offered with the G22 kit?
2 Can you put a sling on the G22?

Okay Thanks
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Cool pic UNCUT

Is this somebody you know or did you find a cool site with more good Walther pictures?

Thanks for all the info

Range report after Friday

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Another question.

Anyone have experience with the Gray G22's from CDNN as far as the barrell being threaded?

Well I got My G22 in the other day.
Beautiful Rifle, Gray looked even nicer in person than I thought it would. I got the kit they had that came with the BEC red dot and the laser.
The laser doesn't work in the daylight for more than about 10 feet so that was a loser.
The red dot is really cool and will work really good once I get it sighted in.

We had what we call at work an A.T.F. day at one of the guys houses. There were about 14 of us there each with a ton of other guns. Everything from old M1 carbines to Old chinese sniper rifles and everything in between. The queen of the ball though was my little G22. Everyone was pretty smitten with it.

I really liked it. It was tons of fun to fire. Very accurate with the open sights that come on it. I took the red dot off because too much going on to really sit on a bench and sight in that red dot. Anyway took it off and had a blast. A few failure to fires but I think maybe that was because I have heard here and other sites that the gun really doesn't like the remmington hollow point that you get at walmart. However that's all anyone around here carries in the value pack o ammunition. I think we put about 200 rounds in it and had about 4 misfires. All due to improper feeding. But just rack it and get back to rockin.

I thought the only guy there that was left handed had been warned but another dude wanted to try it and I wasn't watching him line up his shot. Luckily he wondered "huh, why is this thing right next to my mouth". Whew that dude almost lost some teeth. Anyway pretty happy overall. Comes in a really nice hard case from walther and I'm waiting on my softcase now. Will try some different ammo and some more trips to the range and see what more I have to report later.

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