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G22 any info ???

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I was wondering if any of you had a G22 or know somebody who has one?
I want to buy one for my daughter since I can get one cheap and it's capable of converting to lefthand use !! Well seams to be the best thing I can do... my daughter and I are both right handed left eye dominant so I thought it be easiest for her being 7 years old to get her started on left hand rifle shooting........
any input on the rifle at all .....anny isssues or problem areas

Thanks in advance
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I have a green one and my 8 year old daughter loves to shoot with it. I tarted it up a bit with a vertical handle, Zeiss Z-Point sight, and suppressor (good to live in PA).

She loves hitting clay birds with it between 25-50 meters.

BTW, if you are somewhat comfortable with firearms, you can change it from right to left handed yourself. If you're not paying extra for it, then by all means get one already set up for left-handed mode, but I wouldn't pay extra for it when you can do it yourself.

It shoots very well with no issues. Just watch what ammo you feed it. I've found most ammo to work perfectly, but some ammo with a rounded, rather than pointed, bullet ogive can get caught up on the feed ramp from time to time. I find the Federal Target to work perfectly and be very accurate.

Any other questions, let me know.

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Best write-up I've seen on Class III (machine guns, suppressors, destructive devices, short-barreled weapons, and Any Other Weapon) ownership can be found here:


Both Utah and Texas are Class III friendly, so if your local Sheriff is decent, he'll sign your Form 4 for you, then you pay the $200 to ATF, wait about 6 months, and away you go.

The can, BTW, is the AAC Pilot. Awesome unit. Fits my Walther P-22 very nicely as well.

For installing on my G-22, I sent it to Noveske rifleworks to do the threading. Lot of work, but you should try shooting it.

Very sweet.

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Been kinda busy and haven't had time to check this board till now.

If I recall, the barrel threading was around $150. I don't recall off the top of my head the exact cost. I do recall it was the first one he had done. Not sure if he's done others since then.

Also, someone once posted here a while back that there is a threaded barrel option for the G22 in Europe. Not sure if they'll ever bring it here, but it couldn't hurt to call S&W and ask.

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