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FYI, Picture of XS Sights 24/7 on P99

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For those of you interested on how these look, XS was kind enough to email me a picture. I think I'm going to try them out. From what I was told the rear sight is made to work with factory height front sights, which means it may work with the mepro front I have on now.

I'll post a range report once I try them out.

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Thats the big dot front sight. I'm going with the standard size front sight, personaly.

I also question the accuracy of 30+ yards but it can't be much worse than the Mepro sight picture. I really hate how much space there is between the front blade and the rear cut-out.

Don't get me wrong, the Mepro's are a great combat night sight and they are really bright, I just want to try these out for the heck of it.
I wonder why they have that huge gap?

My HK sights along with SIG sights seem more accurate at a distance. I'm by far more accurate with my P99/Mepro's up to 20 yards.
I'm talking about the sight picture. When you line up the front sight to the rear sight there is a noticable gap on either side of the front blade (left and right), where most other sights I have on other guns, the front sight fits snug between the rear sight notch with minimal spacing.

Basically, the rear notch is bigger on the P99 sights that I've seen, including the factory sights.

Make sence?
You got it Catbird, it's all personal preference.

Hey, hows that XD treating you?

I couldn't agree with you more! I have the same problem, left to right dispersion (usually left), elevation always on the money.

I've read some articles that say they noticed no difference in 30+ yard shooting vs. traditional 3 dot sights, then others say there terrible. The only way I'll find out is if I try them myself.

Tell you what, if they dont work for me I'll offer you a good deal on them. Then you won't have any doubts, and you wouldn't have to pay full price!
Unfortunately it never happened. When I ordered them a month ago they forgot to tell me they didn't have any in stock. I called asking where my sights were a week after the order, they told me it would be about a week longer. A month later they kept giving me the run around so I cancelled the order. I'll stick with the Meps and put the money towards a SD barrel or something.
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