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I'd like some instructions on how to fully disassemble my Walther PP (I bought it new, a month ago, but the markings KC seem to indicate it was built in 1992, in Ulm).

All I found on the net was this:


where one reads: "The trigger bar (39) should never be pried out. To remove it, first unhook the trigger spring (29) and push it into the frame."

There is no way one can "unhook the trigger spring and push it into the frame", this is a PP and not a PPK (one can find the diagram of the PPK everywhere, but try finding one of the PP).

So, if someone wouldn't mind sharing his knowledge of this dark art with me, I'd be very grateful and maybe send him/her a box of choclates from Belgium.



PS. it's no use telling me not to do it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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