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full auto?

I now have 3 Walther P99 AS's and one of them that I just purchased new a week ago for some reason feels like there are 2 stages in the trigger when the striker is back.
If you pull the trigger in the way, to say, feel the creep in the trigger you can absolutly feel the 2 clicks before it fires. This is during a dry fire and if you release the trigger after the 1st click the trigger will go forward and decock the striker. This is the only one out of three that does this.
Now when you shoot it, you absolutley can not feel the seperate clicks, no matter how slow you pull the trigger.
Now I may be losing my mind but I really feel as though this one actually resets and shoots faster than the others.
Not a full auto but I have had a couple double taps occur faster than expected.

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