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FTF with Hornady Z-Max .40

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3rd range trip with my PPQ .40 (very happy with) and have been trying different ammo on each visit. Winchester WB 165g, Remington UMC 180g, Golden Saber 165g, Federal Premium 135g...all worked flawlessly.... and then today the Hornady Z-Max 165g.

The Hornady would not feed! It kept failing over and over. I searched the forum and it looks like the P99 had some problems with this ammo as well.

Anyone else have a problem with the Z-Max or other SD ammo?
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I know you are using a 40, but I just ran some z-max through my 9mm and had no problems.
Some feed ramps in some handguns won't feed some non rounded bullets. I had a 1911 .45 that would not feed a Corbon JHP because the flat shape of their bullets. This is why always test with the Ammo. you plan on using for carry.;)
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