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I have a few original P.38 WWII-type barrels. Bores are bright and shiny with sharp rifling. You might see a few minor pits in the bore and you definitely will see a little blue wear on the outside; they are not “mint” but overall in VG to Excellent condition. These will mechanically fit any WWII P.38; please note that postwar P.38/P1 barrels will NOT fit WWII guns.

The barrels I have were made by Mauser (codes "byf "and "svw"), and were removed from late "svw"-code pistols. They were liberally polished and reblued at Mauser after the war when the factory was occupied by the French. These are barrels for those who have a sewer-pipe barrel and want a sharp bright bore for shooting. Price is $150 each. For “”svw-45” and “svw-46” restorations (or for really anal collectors)I have a couple with NO serial number, $200 each.

I also have two collector-grade barrels from earlier code "byf" P38s. One has original blue, the other has a light "gold-gray" phosphate finish as seen on "two-tone" P38s. Both show all original stamps, machine marks and Waffenamt stamps. Both do have serial numbers. Exterior wear is minor; bores are excellent. $250 ea.

All these barrels are sold WITH the locking block plunger, but WITHOUT locking block, locking block spring or front sight. I do not have locking blocks.

Payment by M.O. or personal check; this is strictly a geriatric diversion for me, not a business, so I don't do Paypal or credit cards.

Terms: 3-day inspection and refund of full purchase price for any silly reason whatsoever (or no reason at all) provided the order is returned to me postpaid, unaltered and in the same condition as shipped from here.

Flat-rate shipping anywhere in USA, $9.

Please: Don't respond here. SEND ME A PM.

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