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I'm selling my Sphinx SDP Compact Alpha imported by KRISS USA. Underneath the rail, it is laser engraved "CH2013US" which means it was imported in 2013, probably with the first batch of SDP Compact Alphas.
The previous owner also gave the barrel a Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating, an extremely reliable finish that is gold in nature.
Gun comes with two 15 round magazines and a 17 round magazine (I can include a 10 rounder for free if you want).
Sphinx case also comes with manual, cleaning tools, speed loader, and two extra back strap grips.
G-Code INCOG holster is an IWB/inside waist band holster for right handed shooters (no weapon light). INCOG holster also has gold mojo.

I can ship to BAN states to the FFL of your choosing, but will only receive a 10 round magazine.
Colorado/New Jersey will receive the Compact Alpha (2) standard 15 round magazines and a 10 round magazine, but will NOT ship the 17 rounder.
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