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I am selling one of my Walther P99s, specifically my still-NIB all-black one chambered in .40 Auto, along with its serial-numbered (to the pistol) Bar-Sto .357 Sig conversion barrel. Below are photos of the actual pistol:

It is 100% German-made, bears an AC (2002) datecode, and the importer mark is "Smith & Wesson." Because I am in California, I have only 10-round magazines, and will include six (6) factory magazines with the pistol. It includes its original factory box, manual, test target, additional front sights and backstraps, and so on. I bought it new, and never fired it.

Below are photos of its factory barrel and its Bar-Sto .357 Sig conversion barrel, which bears the same serial number as the pistol.

(Note that Bar-Sto no longer manufactures P99 barrels. Because the barrel is serial-numbered to the pistol, I will not sell the barrel separately.)

I am asking $700 for the package (P99, extra .357 Sig barrel, and six 10-round factory magazines). If interested, contact me ([email protected]).
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