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Check out this url for the flashlight deal:


Head Lamp flashlight, Eddie Bauer AAA battery aluminum flashlight, LED keychain light

You get 3 lights for the price of one.

1. Head Lamp Flashlight
• Operates on 4 AA alkaline batteries.
• The black head strap is adjustable so it can be easily adjusted to fit your head.
• Hands free lighting operation.
• Can tilt to direct light down.

2. Eddie Bauer AAA battery aluminum flashlight
• Operates on 1 AAA alkaline battery.
• Length is 3 3/4", diameter is 3/4".
• Has a clickie tail cap so all you have to do is click the button on the back once to turn it on and click it once to shut it off. The tail cap also can be twisted to lock it out so that it does not turn on accidently in your pocket.

3. Oracle-Lite LED keychain light
• Activate it with a simple twist.
• 48+ hours continuous use battery life with patented circuitry design.
• Rugged, machined aircraft aluminum alloy construction.
• Length is 2 1/4", diameter is 1/2".
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