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For those looking for a blued PPK in .32

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I like to keep track of PPK prices and I saw this pop up online. Obviously not mine, but its a very fair starting bid. Sorry if anyone else spotted and wanted to keep it on the DL... ;) I know a lot of dudes are looking for a solid blued PPK in .32
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That'll be a pricey one. I'm guessing way north of the starting price.
The slide looks a bit shiny as in refinished?? Hard to tell from the pics.
Gun has a .380 frame as indicated by the serial number and magazine well and a a .32 slide. A put together gun and sold for a premium.
I also thought the slide looked refinished. Cleaner, prettier and smoother than the frame it was sitting on. Cracks me up to watch the bidding wars that erupt. P|££|ng contest more likely but sometimes better than what’s on tv at the moment. Oh well.. a fool and his money..

Howzabout if a member here sees something he likes, other members agree not to start a bidding war against each other?
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