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Flush Magazines for the PPK/S.22

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Several months I purchased a PPK/S in 380 and am very pleased with it. It is a simple uncomplicated gun that shoots very well. I quickly realized that I did not like the extended finger grip and changed both magazines to flat floor plates.

Shortly after that the American Rifleman had an add for the PPK/S.22 and it intrigued me. My local gun dealer ordered one for me which came with one magazine with a finger extension. Of course I did not like the finger extension. I called Walther to see if they made a magazine for the PPK/S.22 with a flat floor plate even if it only held eight or seven rounds. They informed me that they did not.

Question. Does anyone know where a magazine for the PPK/S.22 with a flat floor plate can be obtained?

As a side line. During my last contact with Walther concerning parts for the 380 magazines they informed me that they did not carry parts for the magazines any more. This means that if you lose a small part of the magazine you will have to buy a whole net magazine. Great work!
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I looked into the possibility of modifying the existing magazine however the body of the magazine extends abort 5/16 inch past the bottom of the grip and into the finger rest. Thus the magazine can not be modified to have a flush floor plate without some very fancy metal work. It is as if the PPK/S.22 comes standard with an extended magazine.

If the body of the magazine was to be shortened I think that same spring and follower could be used and that the floor plate and floor plate retainer from the 380 magazines could be used.

I have smaller hands and the PPK/S grips give plenty of room for my pinky. On the other hand a P22 which I traded in on the PPK/S.22 almost required a finger rest. Guess it is just my preference not to have unnecessary hardware attached to my guns.
This is an update to my original post about the lack of a flat floorplate for the PPK/S.22 magazines. My three magazines for the Walther ppk/s.22 were modified by Josef of 007mags.com. I consider the modification to be a marked improvement over the original version with the finger rest. He normally modifies them to hold ten rounds but I instructed him not to shorten the follower thus reducing the magazines capacity. I find that the magazines can hold nine rounds but when nine rounds are loaded the magazine will not latch in the pistol. Therefore the magazine capacity has to be considered to be eight rounds. I wanted this as I bought the PPK/S.22 as a companion to my PPK/S in .380 ACP which holds seven rounds and ten rounds did not make sense. As a side I think that an appropriately located hole in the magazine to indicate eight rounds would be useful. This would be similar to the .380 ACP magazines. As it is now, unless you count carefully, you load nine then strip off one.

So far I have fired three full magazines from each of the three magazines with results similar to the original magazines. Two loads each magazines were with Remington Golden bullets and they functioned perfectly. On each was with W-W Wildcat and for the first three or so rounds the pistol action failed to cycle for all three magazine. My testing with the original magazines indicated that CCI, Federal and Remington high velocity ammunition would work properly, however W-W Wildcat or Super-X would not.

I have a bunch of W-W Wildcat 22 because they proved to be the most accurate in my CZ 455. The W-W T-22 has better accuracy but a rather low velocity ammo. I also find the W-W .17 HMR to be the most accurate in my CZ 452.

Back to the PPK/S.22,I also fired some rounds with a ten round magazine Josef sent me and every thing worked fine. So if you feel you need ten rounds he can provide that also.

I consider the PPK/S.22 to be a practice gun and would not consider carrying it. A quote from back in the 60's, I think by Elmer Keith, was that "he would not shoot anyone with a .25 ACP because it may make him mad". My opinion is that the .22LR falls into the same category.
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The original post was from me. As previously noted the website 007mags.com is no more. Before he closed the website I did manage to get a couple magazines for 8 rounds and one for 10 rounds. They worked very well however the workmanship could stand improvement. I have since stopped looking. If you are still interested in contacting him he can be found on the web by searching for "007mag.com" and going to "joe (@joe122222) | Twitter" which should appear in the results.

The reason the PPK/S.22 mags are difficult to modify is that the bottom of the magazine extends into the plastic butt plate. This means that installing a flat floor on the magazine requires that the whole magazine be shortened.

I am befuddled as to why most manufactures think that a .22LR pistol must have a ten round mag.
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