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Flush Magazines for the PPK/S.22

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Several months I purchased a PPK/S in 380 and am very pleased with it. It is a simple uncomplicated gun that shoots very well. I quickly realized that I did not like the extended finger grip and changed both magazines to flat floor plates.

Shortly after that the American Rifleman had an add for the PPK/S.22 and it intrigued me. My local gun dealer ordered one for me which came with one magazine with a finger extension. Of course I did not like the finger extension. I called Walther to see if they made a magazine for the PPK/S.22 with a flat floor plate even if it only held eight or seven rounds. They informed me that they did not.

Question. Does anyone know where a magazine for the PPK/S.22 with a flat floor plate can be obtained?

As a side line. During my last contact with Walther concerning parts for the 380 magazines they informed me that they did not carry parts for the magazines any more. This means that if you lose a small part of the magazine you will have to buy a whole net magazine. Great work!
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At this time there is no such animal as a flat base mag for the PPK/S.

You might be able to modify it by sanding it down until you are happy with the fit.

Also as far as parts go for the 380 mag. You might try contacting Mecgar since they are the ones that make the mags for Walther.
The all steel .22 had both of the flat base and finger extension mags. The PP and PPK/S held 10 rounds and the PPK held 9 rounds.
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