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Flat bottom mag for PPK/S .22

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I keep hearing from friends and a guy at the local gun shop that there is a flat bottom magazine (without finger rest) for the new Walther PPK/S .22lr.
However I can't confirm it exists.
Also has anyone purchased a customized flat bottom mag from one of the independents? If so what's the verdict.
Any information would be appreciated. Rick
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Is this company legitimate. No shipping address and google search doesn't turn up much. Rick.
I'm not sure and don't think anybody else is either but I think I do recall seeing an ad in a gun magazine....or maybe it was a dream.

I looked at it a little bit. You send in the mag you want converted, they convert it and ship it back.

So you have the price of the mag (30) shipping there (estimate of 7) price of the conversion (20) and shipping back (estimate of 7) for a total of 64.

I personally don't believe it's worth it, but to each his own.
I sent him an e-mail and asks how much he charges to do it. Will advise if I hear back.
You ship him your mag(s) and he makes the flat-bottomed conversion @ $20 per mag. There's probably a charge for return shipping/postage as well.
007mags.com - Products & Services
I had 2 magazines converted, and am very pleased with the work. They still hold 10 rounds, feed perfectly, and have a nice flush fit. I mentioned that I have a black pistol and he put a nice black finish on the bottom plates, too.

See for yourself:

It's just a flat fee of $20/magazine; you provide the original magazines and ship them to him with payment, and he'll do the work and ship them back. He also included a nice hand-written note saying if I had any problems, he would buy a new magazine for me.

It does take a slight smack to get these magazine to catch the latch, but unlike the stock mags, they don't wiggle once they're in there.
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Well, I'm glad somebody tried this. I wonder if a P22 flat bottom base would fit...
I gotta go buy one of the new mags just to see if an old-style flat bottom steel floorplate for the Ranger magazines will fit on the mag body. I have a pile of them in a box somewhere...

If ANYBODY can do this or has one for sale, please pm me. Thanks!
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