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First round jams

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I was out on the range first time today with my P5C. Using federal 115 gr. Frequent jams when chambering first rounds. Am I not seating the last bullet properly in the magazine?
Anyone have any comments or bullet suggestions.
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I'm manually loading. Not quite sure what you mean by slide stop. Appreciate your comments.
Thanks for the definitions. I was manual loading. My next thought was to get a few different types of ammo and also using the suggestion of the other gentleman, seating the bullets in the magazine with a hand tap.

Thanks again for your comments. Love the gun but got to get beyond this problem.
Purchased new May 2001, but I just purchased it from first owner unfired.
I believe I'm letting the slide go on ot's own but next time I'm out, I'll pay attention. Where can I get a recoil spring? Based on all the write-ups I purchased it because of reliability. I'm a little frustrated until I can get out again with better results. I appreciare everyone's input.
Thanks, I'll give it a try and report back.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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