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Hey everyone. In July I got a S&W PPK in .380. At the time I went out and shot a couple mags. Then I moved to LA. I did a whole lot of other stuff but other stuff isn't shooting. Finally today I got my little gun out the range for it's first real workout.

I shot 100 rounds of cheapo FMJ and 20 rounds of corbon JHP self-defense ammo. In 120 rounds, I had 2 failures to eject. Both times, the spent cases were still above the live round when it tried to go into the chamber. Kinda strange, anyone know what might cause that? Both instances were the hot corbon ammo.

Here's the results. Range and number of rounds are marked on each target. The one shot with the CorBon is marked, too.

I love this little gun. I think I'd like to get it some nice grips soon.
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