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Just got back from the range after shooting 250 rounds thru the PPK. 2 boxes of American Eagle, 1 CCI Lawman, 1 CCI Blazer, 1 Win Silvertip JHP.
No malfs or other problems. :D
Standing 2-handed at 21 feet, the first 7 rounds were inside 2" :shock: Already I'm getting warm fuzzies.
Double action pull heavy but continuous; single action pulls light and perfect. At 75 feet 2-handed I could keep 7 rounds within 7".
Control is harder on the first shot one-handed, especially the weak hand. I was putting the first shot about 6-8 inches away from the rest of the mag most times.
I found that it was better to cock the hammer on the draw stroke and shoot all single action; but that is another action that can go wrong in a combat situation.
I will try to put another 200-250 rounds thru it quickly so that I can begin to carry it.
With the S&W extended beavertail there was no Walther bite, and the gun was quite manageable with very surprising two-handed accuracy.
I think this will fit the bill for a BUG/pocket gun. I tried my Glock 26, but it was just too big.

I presume that carrying with the hammer cocked and saftey off is not done by CCW PPK users, but I wonder if anyone here has experience with that carry configuration with an S&W PPK?
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