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So you want to put together a representative Walther collection -- one that will show the highlights of the gunmaker's illustrious past and also include the polymer-framed weapons of the present. You start with the PPK, of course, and tip your hat in Ian Fleming's direction for first alerting you to the brand name so many years ago. Next, you take a matching wartime P38 with an "ac" designation -- one made at the Walther plant in Zella-Mehlis, and a PP model as well because of its grandfatherly connections. Then what?

What are the must-have firearms that the well-dressed Walther collector must wear, and how are they outfitted? Factory engravings? Fancy grips? Presentation cases? Calibers?

Weigh in, gentlemen, if you would. And remember that for this exercise, at least, money is no object. :)

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Well if money is no object, you could simply buy EVERY model Walther ever made :D
For me, I'm not much into collecting the Walther. Only exception would be the wartime P-38s, and some of them have shot up into the stratosphere. I'd also like to have SVW 45 and 46 Grey Ghost versions. But even that gun, which was disdained and almost given away back when it was first imported, is now worth a bundle. Hey, if money is no object, I'd like to pay someone to build a time machine so I could buy all these guns back when they were selling for PEANUTS!!! :eek: :D



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There would have to be an factory German engraved PP or PPK.

Since money is no object, I believe a true representation must include an extremely rare variation.

And that would be the Walther that always appealed to me. It has the phenomenal ergonomics that make a PPK feel so good in your hand. The dural aluminum frame keeps it very light. The slide profile certainly wouldn't ever be called handsome. But it has a utilitarian appearance that still draws me toward it. And it's one of the rarest of all Walthers.

The KPK....


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If money was no object I would love to have the old TP model. It looks like one of the neatest .25's ever made.

I would rate the Walther Pre-War guns up with the old Pre-War S&W's and Colt's so any pre-war Walther in good shape would be a blessing to have in the safe. The pre-war PPK is probably the best .32 automatic ever made!!! It is also the best looking.

I would be thrilled to add a P-5 and a PPS to my collection. I prefer clean pistols without import marks..... living in California that's like sitting around wishing to win the Lottery!!!

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IMHO, here's what the "almost fully represented" collection could include:

2 or 3 different Modells 1 through 9
PPK Pre-War
PPK 1960's
PPK Manurhin
PP Pre-War
PP postwar
PP Manurhin
PPK/S Ulm/Do
PPK/S Manurhin
Possibly a Modell HP
P.38 Postwar
P-1 (why not, they're inexpensive)
P5 Compact
P88 Compact
TPH (German manufacture)
Maybe an OSP/GSP/SSP
P99 (your choice of models/calibers)

Added for good measure, a few Interarms models and finishes, and maybe a S&W (or two?).

Just my 2 cents. As to your question about what's next? Your choices are much lionger than my little wish list.


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TThat's a long list!!!

On reflection, I'd want mm6mm6's PPK. That pistol has become one of my favorites!!!
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