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Well I know it's been a bit since Dr. lunde put the Bar sto order together, but I finally got to shooting the Barrel.
First impressions...
I've been shooting my Walther 99 in .40 relentlessly.  I have over 5000 rounds thru her, and to this day have yet to have a malfunction.  No parts have had to be replaces either.
The Bar-sto barel...
The fit to the slide was tight and precise, the lockup was smooth and flawless.  The end of the barrel protruded about an 1/8 inch, but the look is natural to the firearm.
I chose Speer gold dot 125gr. GDHP: pricey, but effective ammo on the BG's. 250 rounds;

NOT a single problem in function or firing!!!

I am finding that the 357sig is a more accurate round than the .40 in my firearm.  there is considerably more "punch" in the 357, and I would equate the recoil of the .357sig to that of a 180gr. .40cal.  

Overall, the Barrel was excellent, and the round a most enjoyable on to shoot!!!

Thanx again Dr. Lunde!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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