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Finally finished my FEG AP22 project.

Hungarian Marschal grips for a gun made in Hungary. It seems only fitting.

This gun started out as a great shooter but with a lot of external wear.

I only had one magazine so I thought if I could get one or two more, I would get the gun refinished and keep it forever since after that I would have doubled my money in it. The magazines are the best made .22 cal magazines I had ever seen. I finally found two extra magazines so off to the gunsmith it went. (I now have a total of 4 magazines with enough parts to make a 5th one if needed.)


A lot of details were buffed out but it could not be helped since the finish was in very poor shape.

I ordered a set of Marschal Grips, originally slatted for my FEG SMC .380. But I decided to put them on the AP22 due to the thumb rest. After 3 — 4 months, they finally arrived. They fit perfectly on the AP22.

This gun is really great and goes well with my Walther and FEG collections.

Trooper Joe
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