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Saturday it was nice enough to take my friends out for a little work. I started the day firing my P22 (3.4" barrel). After 100 roungs of Federal HPs, I only had 1 FTE. I used my time to sight the little guy in. Standing at 25 yards and the chilly weather, my results weren't as good as I expected. But when I moved to about 10 yards, things drastically improved (go figure). Sweet little pistol. It took a little time to get used to the trigger pull. But once I fired it about 20 times, I started to get the feel for it. I know this is always the same for a new pistol; especially in a traditonal DA.

Next, I pulled out my SW99 (S&W's P99) 9mm. Awesome! I fired about 100 rounds out of it, and it worked flawlessly. I love that bad boy! Again, it is a traditional DA.

Finally, I got the chance to fire the lastest love of my life...my Bushmaster AR-15 (A2 version w/ 20" barrel). I fired about 150 rounds of Lake City XM193 ammo. The old girl was perfect out of the box. I was firing at 100 yards and had a 3" pattern after firing 30 rounds from a bench. Did a little standing action, and had a 6 to 7" pattern. Friggin' awesome.

I am going back out this weekend and I intend on trying out the 5" barrel on the P22.

Now that everything is sighted in, I my take some pictures of the damage to show everyone...that is if I remember to take the camera.
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