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After a very long drought with no decent ammo that would function in a SIG P210 or a Swiss Luger, I discovered that Privi Partizan recently made another production run of 7.65mm Para FMJ ammo. I ordered a 1,000 rd. case from SGAmmo (marvelous folks to do business with) and had it 3 days later.

Shot it flawlessly through both guns last night. Thank heavens. No more struggling with Fiocchi.

A little benchtop investigation revealed that that, on average, it's around .040" longer in OAL than the Fiocchi. The bullet (both are 93gr.) has an ogive that resembles the NATO drawing for 9mm Para, slightly flattened on the sides with a blunt curve at the nose. The Fiocchi's has a continuously rounded curve and a slightly pointed nose. I'm not sure if it makes any difference but the Fiocchi case also has a slightly sharper shoulder angle with a correspondingly longer neck -- though the cases themselves are the same OAL.

The longer OAL, I believe, accounts for the result that the Privi will feed from the magazine of the Luger, while the Fiocchi simply won't.

The most important difference, however, is that the Privi is loaded hot enough to reliably cycle both pistols, and does not give "short recoil" malfunctions. By comparison the Fiocchi acts like a fickle "gallery load"; sometimes it cycles and sometimes not --in any event it's marginal and right on the edge.


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Privi Parizan is always on my "go to" list as they are really the only manufacturer that produces in quantity for obsolete arms. I also can't say that any PPU ammo I've shot has been anything but loaded on the "hot" side, at least subjectively.

I just wish they would produce .455 Webley, as Fiocchi has become a very unreliable, and expensive, source for this caliber.
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