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Hi guys. I have about 8000 rounds through this gun. At first I had the slide-lock problem, send it to Whalter and they changed the mags. After almost 1 year without problems it started to jam while feeding – usually the tip of the 8th or 9th round will hit the edge of the feeding ramp. I fixed this by gluing pieces of plastic to the lower back of the mags. Since then I had very few problems only with Win clear 165 gr.
But on my last range practice, after approximately 150 rounds of Win 180gr. the gun started jamming almost every 3 or 4 rounds. This time the bullet will enter approximately 1/3 in the chamber and then stick with it’s nose seemingly hitting the top of the chamber. A little pressure on the bottom of the mag will allow the slide to go all the way in.
I usually clean the gun very well after every practice, so there wasn’t any difference in its condition this time.
When I came home I noticed that there is a residue buildup in the chamber and clean it really good. Unfortunately tomorrow I’m leaving on vacation, so I can’t check the result of the cleaning.
Do you think there is another reason for this sudden jamming?
Recently I changed the recoil spring but after that I put trough the gun at least 800 rounds without problems at all.
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