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FAQs need pruning badly

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It's a common joke here that nobody ever reads the FAQs. However, to the extent that new members (or even old) want to consult them, the usefulness of the FAQs is depreciated by the clutter of eviscerated threads with no content of value --particularly photos that are no longer accessible, either because they were originally Photobucket images, or have been deleted by the poster to make space on his allowance.

This is especially acute on the Classics sub-forum, where most of Tanfoglio's excellent pictorials are now vacant. Unless the admins want to contact him to re-post them --he has not been here for some while-- the FAQs need a good pruning to clean out the deadfall and restore their utility.

Just sayin'...

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I'll pass this onto the mods to see what they think.

If something is going to become a FAQ, all the content really needs to be hosted by the Forum and not individual accounts and external servers.
Niall brought it up to the mods and we'll look into it. Perhaps to help their investigation, could you provide some examples to specifics?

The photobucket issue we cannot fix as that's between the member and PB.

- JB
Thanks for the links,

It seems like those images are not HTTPS.
Images hosted on sites not using HTTPS will not show on sites using HTTPS as Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc will block them as it sees them as a security risk.
The only way for those to show up is if the OP upgrade their image server to HTTPS.

Is there anything in the archives that explains the "reputation" value / feature?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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