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Failure to Fire

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Well, it finally happened to me.  I had an FTF while shooting my P99QA .40S&W last week.  I've read some previous posts in this forum regarding the lighter primer strikes of striker-fired pistols compared to hammer-fired ones.  When I called S&W (who supports Walther pistols) I was told the striker spring only comes in one tension.

I wonder if anybody has ever used a stronger striker spring in his  P99.  One thing going against the QA is the lack of 2nd-strike capability (no DA mode).  You'd have to reset the striker by racking the slide about 1/4".  Or rack it all the way and chamber a new round.  If I don't get a satisfactory solution, my Walther may cease to be a self-defense pistol and simply become a range gun.  Or it may find itself traded for a more reliable pistol.  (I love my Sig 229, and am looking at maybe getting a 226).
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Second strike ability is WAY overated.
Anytime the pistol FTF, it should be an immediate tap-rack-bang, continuing to pull the trigger on a dud round (or an empty chamber) is not likely to help you out in a bad situation.
Now to answer your question:
Hard primers and or dud rounds can choke any pistol, I wouldn't give up on the P99QA unless it was a recurring problem, and it was happening with commercial ammunition, such as CCI or Winchester.
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