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Just curious...

I have no formal handgun training, but I've always been of the understanding that range work with cheap ammo is fine. It is expected that there will be problems with ammo on the range and is viewed as a good way to deal with the problem in a low stress atmosphere. Upon leaving the range, high quality defense ammo is loaded, which presumably will be more reliable in both stopping power and practical function. Practice ammo and defense ammo should be as similar as possible with regard to ballistic performance. Of course, if your ammo is provided free of charge, like some military or law enforcement personel, the choice (if available) would probably be to use one type of ammo, all of the time.

It seems to me that blaming a firearm (the constant) for a fault of the ammo (the variable) may be a good excuse to expand one's collection.

Am I on track here?

solocatsailor~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~
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