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Failure to Fire 5 times today

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Hey everybody.
I just purchased a new P99c AS in 9mm last week. Today I shot 150 rounds of 115 grain WWB and 50 rounds of 124 grain WWB. Five separate times, usually around the fifth or sixth round per magazine, I had a failure to fire twice with the 124 grain and three times with the 115. The gun would reset to full DA mode and then I pulled again and it fired. Why is this? I also shot my SIG 228 today and had no problems at all.


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Do not oil striker assemblies. Oil/grease will attract dirt and residue. Old oil/grease can gum and congeal into a semi-solid mess.

Disassemble the slide and de-grease the striker assembly with Gunscrubber or a similar product. Re-assemble and shoot.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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