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Failure to Fire 5 times today

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Hey everybody.
I just purchased a new P99c AS in 9mm last week. Today I shot 150 rounds of 115 grain WWB and 50 rounds of 124 grain WWB. Five separate times, usually around the fifth or sixth round per magazine, I had a failure to fire twice with the 124 grain and three times with the 115. The gun would reset to full DA mode and then I pulled again and it fired. Why is this? I also shot my SIG 228 today and had no problems at all.


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Can't say what the problem is...if it is a NIB gun maybe it needs cleaning around the striker...to make sure no grease or dirt is keeping the striker from moving forward.

Break in is usually around 500 rds so don't give up yet...there are some knowledgeable guys on this forum and I am sure that they can give you more advice...

Worst scenario is that you call WaltherAmerica…they can give you some advice. I will say this that the P99 is too good of a gun for it to be anything major that cannot be worked out with a little help. I think you will find that the P99 is just as good as your 228, no kidding.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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