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I have tried both these sights you are talking about....the tru glow and the Big dot.

I have settled in on the Big Dot system.

It really depends on the type of shooting you want or need to do. The Big dot system is fantastic for close combat firing and gives a nice "night" view of the sight radius.

The tru Glow gives you better accuracy for punching holes in paper targets. It does perform well in the sunlight, but I did not find a huge improvement in low light situations. Also it allows for more accurate shots at longer ranges. The big dot is a poor performer out past 20 yds or so, al least with my eyes <smile>

If it is super fast target aquisition....the big dot system is for you. I can fire 5 shots into a standard man sized target HEAD area in 3 seconds at 25 feet.........no misses. 40 cal P-99

Get the 24/7 Big dot if you can.............it has a better rear sight than the standard Big dot that I bought.

PS: The Big dot mounts with the same hex nut on the front end of the slide as the tru glow. With blue Loctite, mine has remained tight after 6,000 rds. no problems!

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