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Hi All,

Can we buy the Expert ALU Trigger in the US? If not, how to buy it?

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This has been discussed in the past:

Read it all the way through, from the first post to the last. Take a look at all the posts in page 6 especially. Ask yourself if you really want this trigger in any pistol in your possession. I can put out detailed instructions as to how to get the same results with the factory trigger, but I will not under any circumstances because I am completely against modifications like this. Here's why:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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The two current importers that I know of, of Walther products, are Walther Arms, and Earl from ERS. Neither of them have this trigger available. The fact that they could bring them over, but choose not to, says a lot. I don't think you understand how dangerous this trigger makes this pistol. A FTRB malfunction could result in a KB with the pistol firing out of battery. The pistol can easily go full-auto (I won't explain how so please don't ask). A drop from 18" high, or an impact from the rear could result in a discharge. Etc.

My suggestion would be to go with any other aftermarket trigger for these pistols. All of the alternatives available come with a drop safety on the trigger, and do not depress the firing pin block.
A couple of friends in EU said almost the same thing but they never heard of accidental discharge or any of the issues you raised.
I would love to have this discussion with you and your friends. I guarantee you that the concerns are real.

As to your friends shipping this item to you here, I'd suggest researching whether or not you could get yourself and your friends in trouble, before possibly getting yourself in trouble after so much as loading a pistol with this trigger installed being as mechanically unsafe as it is.

1 - 3 of 8 Posts