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I have a thread in PP section about a selectfire PP....been quite a hit. Pictures included.

Expanding from that thread, here are two more of an exotic gun design. These were apparently common in German airplanes, so I suspect many were destroyed or lost otherwise. They require considerable supporting gadgetry in their original role. A US 50 tripod & a Sten loop stock were all we needed. Donna & I shoot these guns, used to frequently, now only occasionally......... these are good for 200 rnds before getting hot. Other guns we have are water cooled. There are some You Tube vids, but I dont know how to find them.

7.92x57, disintegrating links, 3200 rpms. She has killed many an explosive laden furrin' car with these. They are also in use in short clips on you tube.

More later..?????.....


Ready to go......

Aways have a spare.

Explosive laden computers down range

A gal in her glory.
Overcoming past tragedy....note amputated left foot on walker.

Shooting with one foot........have built a chair since.
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