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East German Walther PP

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Compared to the Zella-Mehlis or West German/Manurhin guns, how do the East German Walther PP's compare in quality? Are they made to the same specs as the original Walthers? How would you place their value? Please and thank you.

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To my understanding, Zella-Mehlis WAS in East Germany.

Aside from that, the Manurhin's used the same specs, etc. as the original and the parts are interchangeable. My assumption would be that the quality would be the same.

Do you have any pictures of the gun you're referencing? I'm having an internal debate as to whether or not Walther produced in East Germany after they lost the plant in Zella. I know of copies, but can't remember if they were actually Walthers.

Could be wrong...
After the end of WW2, none of the Walther-designed weapons made in Suhl/Zella-Mehlis were made by the Walther firm. Those weapons made in Suhl or ZM were made by state-controlled entities which absorbed many of the larger and smaller weapons factories and workshops. These later became the Ernst Thaelmann Werke.
The OP could indeed only be talking about the 1001 labeled PPs produced in East Germany after the war in very limited numbers. They were not a generally available product and are only of historical interest. The ones I’ve seen were not well-finished or in any way comparable to commercial pre-war or Manurhin/Ulm production, but they apparently worked. Some that are floating around in the market have been refinished.
Thank you. Confirmed. This would be a 1001-0-22LR made for export in lieu of Made in Germany markings - similar to what was done on non-import marked West German Walther. Been researching these since my post. Finish appears to be better nicer than what I've seen with the DDR Walthers not made for export (which is what I confirmed with my source in Switzerland - remember Hammerli was the original exporter). It was also said components were interchangeable with original Walthers and only difference was the loaded chamber indicator. Has anyone here had hands on any of these firearms with respects to their quality?

Thank you Absalom and others for your feedback.
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