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Early Ppk Serial Numbers

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Hello All,
I have looked at early Ppk serial number charts and see that in 1931 numbers ended at 7705xx and then picked up in 1932 at 774900. Does anyone know why the gap and if a pistol had a serial number in between 7705xx and 774900 would that be a red flag as to authenticity? I am new at this and it is a bit confusing to me. Thanks in advance for any clarification.
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While serial number are helpful, they must be recognized as generalized ranges of production. The serial number ranges of the PPK and the PP run concurrently from the beginning of manufacture. Between the numbers you listed are reported PPs and PPKs. Some collectors have kept data bases of reported serial numbers which help fill in the generalized range charts. For example, PPKs of the contract marked (P)xxx are reported in the 773xxx range. This example is serial number 773455.
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