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Early number Manurhin PP .32, special or not?

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I just got my second Manurhin PP in 7.65. Looking it up in Marschall, and on the chart on this site I find it appears one of the first few hundred 1952 post war production. 106xx
Is that special in any way? I bought it to shoot some and of course to fondle (ha!) but it's quite nice, expecially the bluing on the slide
but with some very small rust spots on the front of grip frame.
There are lightly lined out " lP By" frame markings above the trigger guard (Bavarian State Police like my later 32xxx model), and the L is actually lower case, not upper case L like my newer one.
Import marks read to me as:
Dist Inc L.A. CA

The Walther name on the frame is very heavily XXXd out.

There are what some very faint marks on the right front slide end and by the serial number. Nothing I can identify from Marshall's charts under strong magnification.

I'm looking for opinions. Who knows the importer, and when they were active? Interarms was exclusive after '56, right?

Could make and post photos eventually.
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I can't help you with the info but I know detailed pictures will help the experts. Welcome to the forum.
Among other things, this thread ...


... provides a link to how to post quality photos to the forum, and we'll need to see some pictures to be of much service.

P.S.: You'll find a great deal more in that link that just photo-postings advice.
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